Lori Worline

I love my job working with individuals, couples, and families.

In counseling, we work together to find the answers you need to enjoy life.  You are not alone in asking, “Why do they do that? How do I handle this?”. We all have times where we struggle with rough challenges. I will be there working alongside you to help you succeed in strengthening relationships by encouraging and guiding you and your family in successfully navigating times in life when you just feel stuck or need some help.

My clients tell me they love feeling comfortable while receiving the support they need. I have the no nonsense skills that will help you build the skills and relationships you want and desire.

I work with families, couples, parents, children, and teens.

Lori has been counseling for the past 18 years. She comes from a very well-rounded background, beginning as a teacher in the field of education, then as a school counselor. At that point, Lori began her journey into mental health counseling where she has enjoyed helping people to thrive and live their best life. Lori has felt blessed to have had the experiences to learn and grow with her clients.