Cindy Livingston

Cindy Livingston has been helping clients feel less stressed, less anxious, less depressed, and more hopeful since 2003.  She provides a compassionate and caring environment where lasting change can occur. Cindy tries to bring the elements of growth into the counseling experience, combining insight and love.  She enjoys seeing people move from being stuck to living intentionally.

Cindy specializes in work with anxiety, depression, relational conflict, spiritual conflict, and issues surrounding self-worth and purpose through individual and couples counseling. 

One client described her time with Cindy this way: "Counseling helps bring out the best in me and I don't struggle with loneliness anymore.  Cindy meets me where I am at.  Counseling provides a place for me to come to my own conclusions, letting me talk through what I need to--and then I hold myself accountable for what I say.  I understand my personal hurdles and buttons and I understand how to overcome them.  I accomplish my goals now--I want to follow through and I understand my motives and my hurts.  It has been a safe space for me to talk.  It is a creative process."  

Cindy is a Licensed Independent Social Worker, with a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary and a Master of Social Work from the University of Kentucky.  She is Gottman Level II trained for couples seeking help. 

Cindy especially enjoys helping with theological understandings of grace, truth, love, forgiveness, and healthiness.  She believes the best counseling involves being theologically sound and psychologically effective, along with being aware of biological and social factors that impact mental health.

Counseling brings you through a process that starts inside, with who you are, and it then helps you to move into healthy, fulfilling relationships with others.  It helps you be aware of patterns you are in concerning relationships and thoughts. 

Cindy has been an assistant professor and Field Director at Spring Arbor University in the Master of Social Work and Bachelor of Social Work program.

She would love to walk with you through your counseling experience.

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Thank you Cindy, for the times you cared for me before I could love myself. For the times that you spent dedicated to help me know that my life is worth living. For the lessons that I will cherish until the day I die, at God’s hands instead of my own.
-  A Person in Individual Counseling 

We have been blessed by the work Hope Counseling Center has done for us.  Their Bible-based philosophy, combined with the education and wisdom from God has been impressive.  They have also inspired us to have a greater passion for building a stronger relationship with Jesus.  We will forever be grateful.
-  A Couple in Marriage Counseling