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Our desire is to help you find hope and meaning as you walk through difficult seasons of life.

About Us

At Hope Counseling Center, we strive to provide excellent, professional support to you through compassionate care and counseling. The therapy process is unique to each person. It takes place in a safe environment that fosters growth, healing, self-discovery, and wholeness.
We can help you learn strategies to address the struggles and help you confidently plan for a better tomorrow.

If it is dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, addiction, grief, or relationship issues, we want to partner with you to move forward for a more happy, peaceful life.

We work with individuals, couples, and families. We can meet in the Toledo office or teletherapy sessions are an option.


To help individuals and families achieve a life of psychological healthiness. Counseling brings people through a process that starts inside, with who they are and moves outward. It then helps individuals to move into healthy, fulfilling relationships with others.